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Male Dog Names-C

Caballero - A Spanish horseman. Cactus - This boy dog is a bit prickly at times. Cadby - English - The settlement of a warrior. Caddock - Welsh - One who is desirous of war. A good name for the boy dog who is always spoiling for a fight. Cadmus - Greek - A person from the east. An appropriate name for your Oriental breed of dog. Caesar - The title of the Roman emperors from Augustus to Hadrian. Cain - Adam and Eve's eldest son. A great dog pet name for the 1st born of the
litter. Cairo - The capital of Egypt. An unusual name for your unusual dog. Cajun - "I adore crawfish flavoured treats." Calder - English - One who dwells near the brook or stream. Your water-loving dog would appreciate this name. Caleb - Hebrew - As faithful as a dog. Calhoun - Irish - A resident of the narrow woods. Caligula - The mad Roman emperor who claimed to be all gods at once. Caliph This used to be the title of some Muslim rulers. A great name for the boy dog that thinks he's the king of the house. Calvert - English - A person who herds calves. A wonderful name for any shepherd breed of dog. Calvin - Latin - A bald person. A great name for the pet dog that has very little hair. Camden - Scottish - A person who comes from the crooked valley. Camelot - The legendary site of King Arthur's court and palace. Cameron - Scottish - A crooked nose. Cameroon - An African country. Canuck - This French poodle dog loves his country. Canute - The patron saint of Denmark. Capone - "I own Chicago." Capricorn - The 10th zodiac sign - a goat. If your dog resembles a goat, then this is the perfect name. Carl - German - A man. Carlin - Irish - The little victor. A wonderful name for any toy-breed of dog. Carlisle - English - Tower. A great name for any tall breed of dog. Carlos Spanish - A man. Carmine - Latin - Crimson. A great name for your deep-red-coloured dog. Carpus - A 2nd century saint who was tortured and burned at the stake for his Christian faith. Carrick - Irish - A dweller of the rocky land. Carroll - Irish - A winner. This male dog is a future champion. Carter - Jimmy Carter was a Georgia peanut farmer who became the president of the United States in the late 1970's. Caruso - "My canine operatic abilities are legendary."
Cary - Latin - Of great value. You paid a lot of money for this male dog. Casanova - This boy dog has a girlfriend on every block. Casey - The brave engineer who couldn't slow down. Cash - Latin - Conceited. This male dog enjoys staring at his reflection in the mirror. Casper - "The backyard is my favourite haunt." Cassidy - Irish - A crafty person with wavy hair. A great name for a poodle dog. Castor - Greek - A beaver. This boy dog loves to chew on just about anything. Castro - He'll be Red until he dies. This dog just loves to socialize. Cato - Latin - The person who is
knowledgeable and very wise. Other dogs value this dog's advice. Cecil - Latin - Darkened. Cedric - English - A chief of the battle. Chad - An African country. Chaim - Hebrew - Force of life. Chance - You took a risk by adopting this boy dog. Chandler - English - A professional candle maker. Chaos - "I'm always in a state of disorder." Charcoal - This black dog is always close at hand when you barbecue. Charon - Greek Mythology - The boat pilot who escorted dead souls across the river Styx to Hades. A good name for any water-loving dog.
Chase - French - A hunter. This dog is always on the trail of something. Chaucer - The famous English author of the Canterbury Tales. Cherokee - A tribe of Indians forcibly moved from the SE United States to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears. Chester - English - From the fortress. A good name for your guard dog. Chief This dog is always on the lookout and first on the scene. Chip - The cup character in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Chopin - A boy dog that's very agile, with tons of ability. Chopsticks - A great name for your Oriental breed of dog. Christian - Latin - Follower of Christ.
Christopher - A name meaning ChristBearer. An Italian saint who lived in the 15th century. Christopher Robin - The little boy character in Disney's Winnie the Pooh. Churchill - Winston Churchill was the prime minister who led Great Britain through World War II. Cian - Irish - Ancient. Cicero - A famous Roman statesman and orator who lived from 106 - 43 B.C. Clarence - Latin - Renowned. This boy dog is famous all over the neighbourhood. Clark - Latin - A student. This male dog just loves to learn. Claude - The patron saint of sculptors. Clay - English - Of the soil. This canine delights in digging holes. Clement - The patron saint of stonecutters. Clifford - The red runt of a puppy that grew into a giant red dog.to learn. Clovis - German - A very famous warrior. Clyde - Welsh - One with much warmth. This boy dog is welcome in your arms on winter days. Cobalt - Another good name for your blue-eyed boy dog. Cochise - A famous Apache warrior and chief. Codger - "Some people say that I'm set in my ways." Cody - The little boy character in Disney's The Rescuers. Cogsworth - The clock character in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Colonel The Sheep dog character and one of the heroes in Disney's 101 Dalmatians. Colt - The dog who is rough and ready on the dusty trail. Columbus - "I like to discover things that are already discovered." Cochise - A famous Apache warrior and chief. Collin - Scottish - A puppy. You hope this male dog never grows up. Confucius - "Confucius say - More dog biscuits please." Congo - A large river in Africa. Conrad - German - A fearless counsellor. Copernicus - The famous Polish astronomer who discovered that the planets revolve around the sun. Coptic - The orthodox Christian church of Egypt. Corbin - English - Raven. A great name for any solid-black dog. Cordell - French - A professional rope maker. Cortez - A Spanish explorer who conquered Mexico. Cosmo - "My friends usually call me Kramer." Cotton - "It isn’t easy being the fabric of your life." Creeper - A very strange character in Disney's The Black Cauldron. Creole "How y'all are?" Crispin - Latin - The one with curly hair. Crispin - The patron saint of leatherworkers. Cupid - A good name for the boy dog adopted on Valentine's day. Curtis French - Respect. This male dog has the best manners you've ever seen in a canine. Cyclops - Greek Mythology - The giant with one eye. Cyprian - A 5th century bishop in Africa who was driven into the dessert, tortured, and then executed. He became a saint. Cyril - The patron saint of Moravia. Cyrus - The founder of the Persian Empire. A fantastic name for your first dog.