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Male Dog Names-D

Dacca - The capital of Bangladesh. Dacey - Irish - One who comes from the south. Dag - Scandinavian - A person who shines as bright as the day. This dog lights up any room that he enters. Dagan - The Babylonian god of the earth. This boy dog loves the outdoors. Dagwood - English - A person dwelling in the bright and shining forest. Dakar The capital of Senegal, in Africa. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean. Dalbert - English - A radiant person. This boy dog brightens any room that he enters. Dalen or Dale - English - A valley.Dallas - A large city in Texas, USA. Dalmatius - A 4th century French bishop who was martyred by the Romans. He became a saint. Dalton - English - The person from the valley town. Damek - Slavic - A form of Adam. A great name for your 1st pet dog. Damian - Greek - A person who tames. Damian - The patron saint of barbers. Damocles - The legendary courtier in Syracuse who was given a lesson in the dangers of being a king. Damon - Greek - A steadfast and loyal person. This dog will always be true to you. Dane - English - A person who comes from Denmark. A fitting name for any Great Dane dog. Daniel - The Hebrew prophet who escaped from the lion's den. Dante - A great Italian poet of the Middle Ages. He wrote the Divine Comedy. Darby - Irish - Liberty. This canine is always trying to escape. Darius - An ancient Persian king. Another fantastic name for the boy dog that's the ruler of the house. Darren - Irish - Famous. This boy dog might one day be a champion. David The mighty king of Israel. He was their 2nd king and first gained fame by slaying the giant - Goliath. DaVinci - A great artist of the Italian Renaissance. The Mona Lisa was one of his most famous paintings.
Dearborn - English - One who dwells in the deer brook. Dedrick - German - The ruler over all the people. Delmar - Latin - The person from the sea. A wonderful name for your waterloving dog. Delphi - This was a town in ancient Greece containing the oracle of Apollo. Demetrius - Greek - A follower of Demeter (the Greek fertility goddess). Demon - "My intentions are not always the best." Dempsey - Irish - A person with much pride. This boy dog carries his head high at all times. Denis - The patron saint of France. Denver - A large city in Colorado, USA.
Derry - Irish - The one with red hair. A great name for any red-haired pet dog. DeSoto - The famous Spanish explorer who "discovered" the Mississippi River. Desperado - "I'm a rough and tough, outlaw dog." Deuce - "I'm sometimes wild." Devin - Irish - A poet. Devlin - Irish - A fearless warrior. A fantastic name for the boy dog that won't back down from any fight or challenge. Dewey - A good name for the boy dog that has webbed feet like a duck. Dexter - Latin - Clever. This male dog learns easily. Diablo - The dog who seems to embody pure evil. Dickens - A famous English novelist
who lived during the 1800's. He wrote A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol and many other great works. Digger - "I don't know why I have the urge to bury things." Digits - This boy dog can count to ten on his paws. Dillon - Irish - A faithful companion. This dog will never leave your side. Dingo - A wild, tough mate. Just try and tame this dog. Dino - Your little furry dinosaur-dog. Dionysus - Greek Mythology - The god of wine and good times. Also called Bacchus. Dionysius - A 3rd century Pope. He was the first Pope who did not die a martyr for the Christian faith.
Dismas - The good thief crucified beside Jesus Christ. Ditka - The iron dog. Dixie - "My heart lies in the south." Dizzy - "I love to run in circles - chasing my tail." Doc - What's up - with your dog's bedside manners? Dodger -"I'm often artful." Dolan - Irish - Dark one. A great name for any black dog. Domingo - Spanish - Born on Sunday. Dominic - The patron saint of astronomers. Dominick - Latin - Godly. Domino - The perfect name for your Dalmatian dog. Donald - Another good name for the boy dog that has webbed feet like a duck. Donovan - Irish - The dark warrior. A great name for your fearless solidblackcolored dog. Dopey - This dwarf dog isn't the brightest dog on the block. Douglas - Scottish - Deep water. An excellent name for any water-loving dog. Drake - A male duck. This name would go well with your water loving breed of dog. Drogo - The patron saint of shepherds. A wonderful male dog name for your German shepherd or any type of shepherd dog. Druid - "Me and my doggie buddies like to gather 'round the trees." Duke - A nobleman just below the rank of prince.
Dumbo - The elephant with big ears. He's the title character of a Disney movie. A great name for any pet dog with big ears. Dustin - German - A proud warrior. This male dog won't back down. Dusty - He's not the neatest dog in the world. Dutch - This boy dog will make you pay for everything. Dylan - Welsh - A man from the sea. Another splendid name for your waterloving dog.